All Abilities Art Exhibit 2023

“Encountering God”


"The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. We saw glory with our own eyes, the one-of-a-kind glory, like parent, like child, generous inside and out, true from start to finish" – John 1:14 (The Message)

From Aug. 27 to Sept. 3, St. Andrew's Access and Inclusion Mission (AIM) Ministry Team will host its annual All Abilities Celebration Art Exhibit in St. Andrew's Atrium. For more information, contact Kathi Anderson ( or the Church Office (

2023 Artists

Mateo Anderson, 13, says he really liked making this piece in art class at Weber Elementary. He has just started 7th grade at Northwest Junior High.

  • Impressions, 2023


Samantha Anderson, Guided Art Workshop, University of St Thomas, St Paul, MN

  • Self Portrait, 2020


Allison Benson, 27, is a lifelong member of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. She views the world through the lens of autism. Art engages the senses and serves as a means of expression-visual, emotional, and verbal. Her 3 submissions to the 2023 art show are:

  • The Navi River (oil pastels)
  • Cleo, a friend’s beloved cat (pencil)
  • Hot-Air Balloon (water color)


Leif Charis-Carlson, 12, has just started his first year at South East Junior High. He studies at the Harte School of Art, and is a regular at the summer Animation Camps held by FilmScene in downtown Iowa City. 

  • House in the Clouds, 2023 (sculpture)

L’Engle Charis-Carlson, 19, is a second-year Studio Arts and Visual Communications major at Luther College in Decorah. An ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA), L’Engle is a graduate of Iowa City public schools, the Harte School of Art, and Preucil School of Music. 

  • Lily, 2023 (sculpture)

Lucy Charis-Carlson, 17, has begun her junior year at City High, where she is a member of the Art Club, the Table Top Games Club, and Symphony Orchestra. Lucy’s work is often on display locally with the Harte School of Art, and she spent the past summer working as a counselor at Country Camp outside Iowa City.

  • Frog Teapot, 2023 (sculpture)


Christina Charis-Donelson

  • Heat Advisory, 2023 (photograph)


Bryce Cox

  • Fishing with Grandpa (Oil Painting, 2020, Iowa State Fair Art Exhibit, 2021)


Paula Grady majored in graphic design at Drake University and for several years worked in art studios and advertising agencies before forming her freelance business, Encore Design Co. She enjoys creating pastel drawings, paintings and collage art. She also has a passion for theatre and singing and has performed in many shows in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area. Paula recently joined the St. Andrew Presbyterian Logos Choir and  also enjoys dancing Argentine tango with her partner, Swight and spending time with her furry feline friends, Liam and Keenan.

  • Purple Coneflower, 2023 (painting)
  • Roses, 2023 (painting)
  • Siberian Iris, 2023 (painting)
  • Pink Blossoms, 2023 (painting)


Neveah Hoffman likes to create and it seems she can recreate any image she looks at.  This image of the Golden Gate bridge is taken from Baker Beach by Nichole Hoffman and Nevaeh has wood burned it by hand.  The title is called "Strength" because this bridge is a towering beacon of strength as you come into the bay of San Francisco.  The currents here are also known to be very strong and powerful as well.  

  • Strength (pyrography)


Nichole Hoffman has been taking pictures for as long as she can remember.  It's her way of holding people and moments in time close.  She took this image of Nevaeh's silhouette while on a trip along the southern California coast.  Nevaeh couldn't wait to get outside to play in the surf and sand.  This was the view from their room while staying at this hostel with a lighthouse in 2016.

  • Anticipation (canvas photo)


Scott Hoffman enjoyed learning how to design and integrate stained glass into various pieces during the experienced Wyoming winters when he was in the United States Air Force.  He would like to return to stained glass and has his target set for January 2024 to stay creative during our long winters in Iowa.   

  • Ribbons of Faith (stained glass)


Daniela McCue

  • Bear, 2004 (pencil drawing)


Emily Rabe

  • A Starry Night, 2023 (painting)

Kate Rabe

  • Lavender Girls, 2023 (painting)


Emmitt Schmidt-Rundell

  • Batman Beyond, 2023 (painting)


Erin Schmidt-Rundell

  • “Random Thoughts” and “Voices,” 2023 (creative writing)


Wes Schmidt-Rundell: "Colbalt, because really just wanted to see how the metallic would work on a different kind of surface. Gargoyle, because I was excited for the rerelease of the show Gargoyles. Shared Stream, I wanted to make a scene with more of a gentle giant than a fierce creature."

  • Dragon


Pam Karp: "This quilt is an example of a 'Scrappy Monochrome.' The background is of shades of black, gray, and white. There are 3 large flowers with multi-colored petals. The monochrome background is soothing. The bright petals give the “pop” of color. “Creating is the best and finest form of reflection.”

  • Midnight Garden, 2023 (quilt)


David Weitzel, a member of St. Andrew for eight years, likes to paint to relax and create new paintings: "I chose to paint hummingbirds because they were my grandma's favorite birds. She also loved flowers so I tried to capture the things she loved in the painting." 

  • Hummingbirds at Sunrise (painting)