Every time you turn around, the St. Andrew Deacons are up to something!

The Deacons coordinate many important activities throughout the year for the congregation and community. They reach out to neighbors by coordinating meals for families with new babies or for families experiencing illness. They visit people in the hospital and reach out to their families to offer support and meals. They contact the bereaved to offer support, comfort, and prayers. They help children throughout the community with the Back-to-School Supply Drive and Winter Clothing Drive. They minister around the holidays by organizing the Alternative Gift Market, Gifts for Parents, Home for the Holidays Meal Program, and much more.

If you have or see a need for support, comfort, help, or prayers, don't hesitate to contact the Deacons -- they are Christ's servants! 

St. Andrew Deacons

Class of 2024

Kathi Anderson

Katherine Habley

Cody Neddermeyer

Pam Karp

Phil Karp

Jenni Wilcox

Elizabeth Young

Class of 2025

Erika Law Tuttle

Pat Penn

Amy Schmidt-Rundell

Jason Schmidt-Rundell

Dave Duys

Kathy Duys

Dedi Walker

Class of 2026

Daniel Chappo

Jim Halverson

Scott Hoffman

Jamie Tanas

Mettie Thomopulos