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Rooted in Faith, Growing to Serve

Jesus said, “I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant.” – The Gospel of John 15:5 (The Message)

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July 17, 2022


Wonderful news! St. Andrew has raised $755,498 so far the Rooted in Faith | Growing to Serve Capital Campaign, which will last three years from September 2022 to August 2025.  We have already received $48,400 in gifts to the campaign.

Please join us by pledging online here or emailing John Benson at  Money raised pays the mortgage and reduces the principal on our building loan. Paying for our church building enables so much ministry in Johnson County and beyond. It is money given over and above our giving to the general budget of the church and represents our hope for the future. We know the Spirit continues to add people and families to do God's work through St. Andrew.  

We had fun announcing the number raised so far at the Pancake Breakfast on July 17 (see the photo above). Bravo to all the people involved in organizing: 

  • Mike Anderson, Doug Wildes, Beth Anne Pigge, and David & Michelle DeGroot made the pancakes with juicy blueberries, strawberries, chocolate chips, and sausage.
  • Randy & Peg Hausler, Kyle Otterbein, Brody Young, and Toni Van Voorhis organized the tables as special as a wedding.
  • Bill & Nelda Witting, Graham Dameron, Paul Penn, and Dō Martin did the clean up leaving the kitchen better than they found it.
  • Rob Martin, Tim Benson, and Bruce Walker guided from the Capital Campaign team.

The best part was of the breakfast was the company of St. Andrew members and friends.  

Next month, we are also celebrating the completion of our fourth capital campaign, Connecting Hearts | Renewing Lives, which started in September 2019 and finishes August 2022. We had 150 people and families donating to the campaign for a total of $1,495,449. 

I want you to hear the voice of our Lord saying, "Well done, good and faithful servants.” On behalf of the Capital Campaign & Stewardship Team, we look forward to the next three years of worship and ministry with all of you.

With much thanks,

Christina Charis-Donelson

St. Andrew Capital Campaign & Stewardship Team

  • Pastors: Rob Martin and Kyle Otterbein
  • Session: Tim Benson, Beth Anne Pigge, Bruce Walker, and Toni Van Voorhis
  • Congregation: Christina Charis-Donelson

Connecting Hearts | Renewing Lives (2019-22)

Connecting Hearts, Renewing Lives is the theme of our 2019-22 Capital Campaign.  The theme comes from Romans 12:2, “Be transformed by the renewal of your minds, so that you may know the will of God — what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

The campaign lasts from October 2019 to September 2022.  We are raising funds to pay the church mortgage and reduce the overall debt our on our church building.  These funds are different from what we give to the general church budget and direct outreach programs.  As we give financially, we know that God is transforming our hearts and minds.  He wants to connect us to himself and to one another.  Through gifts of time and talent and finances, He renews our lives and the lives of others in the community.

As you explore the page of our church website, please look for ways to connect with God and with others.  We’re confident that God is leading us to what is good, acceptable and perfect.

Click here if you have any questions about the Connecting Hearts Renewing Lives capital campaign.