Mission Statement for Act Justly

In line with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Presbyterian Church (USA), St. Andrew's Act Justly endeavors to educate our community about the injustices perpetrated on marginalized individuals. We believe that a deeper understanding will lead to actions of healing and restoration.

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We invite you to open your heart and read the information that is compiled on this website. Much of it may be difficult to accept.

We encourage you to sit with the emotions that arise, breathe deeply, contemplate and seek understanding.  No matter where you are on your path to achieving justice, included on our website are resources to expand your knowledge, provoke thoughts and facilitate discussions.

To learn more about St. Andrew Presbyterian Church’s efforts to promote justice, we invite you to explore the following links: 

Statement of Inclusion

Statement on Racial
Equality & Reconciliation

Matthew 25 Church

Act Justly's Beginnings

What We can Do

Discrimination and injustice have existed since the beginning of time, but there are actions we can take, as a community and individually, to heal the wounds that marginalization has caused. 

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Supporting local businesses

We deeply appreciate the challenges that all small businesses face. The members of Act Justly encourage our congregation and wider community to support businesses owned by people that have historically been deprived of the ability to build generational wealth.

grow black-owned

This list will be updated at least on an annual basis. If you become aware of any errors, closed or new business changes that should be made to this list, please contact Act Justly. Group members are working with Travis Kraus at the University of Iowa to maintain an accurate list. He and his students created the Grow Black-Owned as a story map  highlighting Black-Owned Businesses, Non-Profits, and Entrepreneurs in Johnson County, Iowa.

Please Note:  Businesses owned by other groups of disenfranchised people may be added in the future, as the framework of knowledge and support is added to this site.

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  • Although some content overlaps with other resources, content for this section will be added in the future


  • Although some content overlaps with other resources, content for this section will be added in the future