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Mental Health Initiatives

Links to PowerPoint and Video Presentations

As a Christian and a person in recovery from mental illness, Marcia A. Murphy  is an advocate for people with psychiatric illness and a member of St. Andrew. She has developed several presentations to increase public awareness of the challenges faced daily by the mentally ill. Marcia believes that well informed religious communities can effectively offer hope through God's grace, inspiration through prayer and reading God's word, and support through the care of responsive, thoughtful congregations willing to act together in response to this great need in our society.


Access & Inclusive Mission (AIM)

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church is an open and welcoming community to those of every race, ethnicity, age, gender, economic level, and disabling condition. We believe that human beings - every person, able or disabled - has value and worth because they are loved by God. Feel free to approach St. Andrew's AIM Committee with any questions or concerns or needed accommodations.

Come share your gifts! Please join us in worship and fellowship activities. We offer a warm welcome to ALL!

Lettuce Feed Others (LFO)

Lettuce Feed Others is a community garden outreach project at St. Andrew. The primary purpose of the garden is to grow local, fresh, organic food for the Johnson County Crisis Center food bank. A secondary purpose is to promote and encourage community members to learn gardening skills.

How Can You Be Involved?

With the move comes the opportunity to expand and diversify our space. Volunteers are always welcome (no experience necessary). Funds are also needed for things such as fencing infrastructure, irrigation systems, volunteer engagement with diverse populations, educational outreach programs, plant starts, and gardening supplies.