Land Use Master Plan

In September 2019, a team was called to develop a Land Use Master Plan for the St. Andrew campus. We asked for suggestions from the congregation, staff, and Session regarding the dreams and hopes for our campus.

Although no timeline has been set for any of these projects, the Session in January 2020 approved a Land Use Master Plan that includes the following components:

If you have any questions about these plans, please contact the church office:

Parking expansion

St. Andrew’s parking lots currently have 185 parking spaces. To prepare for future growth, Session set a goal of reserving enough land to provide a total of 350 parking spaces. After working with engineers, Session approved multiple options for parking expansion.

Scroll through the four images below to see the Options available, or click on the button immediately below for a more detailed explanation of the options.

Parking Options (Text & images)

Outdoor Chapel

Session approved the basic design for an Outdoor Chapel located south of the church building. The original limestone chancel, saved from the Melrose property, should be used.

Memorial Garden

A Memorial Garden could be placed within or next to the Outdoor Chapel. It would have an area for contemplation, and perhaps memorial bricks to commemorate loved ones.

Walking Path

A path would start at the lower parking lot, go to the Outdoor Chapel, then wind around the retention pond and up the east side of the property to the existing area.


A number of fruit trees could be placed south of the Lettuce Feed Others garden and along the line of the eventual path to the Outdoor Chapel.