Connecting Hearts | Renewing Lives

"Be transformed by the renewal of your minds, so that you may know the will of God — what is good and acceptable and perfect." (Romans 12.2)

Together at Saint Andrew we are Connecting Hearts Renewing Lives. Joined to one another, we are a vibrant, living community of disciples reaching out in love and fellowship to our neighbors, friends, co-workers, and beyond.

In 1958, our founding members organized a congregation west of the Iowa River to serve the growing population of Iowa City. The local newspaper described the church building on Melrose Avenue as “a modernistic design sanctuary.” Over the next 50 years, the congregation attracted members and friends through quality music and worship, opportunities for youth and families, and generosity in local, national, and international outreach projects.

In 2008, St. Andrew took a leap of faith buying land on Camp Cardinal Boulevard. In 2016, we said goodbye to our original home, spent time in transitional space, and began construction on a larger facility.  Our Connecting Hearts — Renewing Lives capital campaign offers the next opportunity to pour our lives, gifts, energy, and talent into connecting with the people around us, welcoming them into our community, sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and inviting them to join Christ’s mission to the world.

Our current mortgage payments on our nearly $5 million mortgage are $30,000 per month or $360,000 per year. Through a combination of land sales and  growth in our congregation, we expect to incorporate these payments into our annual budget over the next 3-6 years. This capital campaign will raise the resources required to make our ongoing mortgage payments while reducing the amount of mortgage debt we carry.

It is human nature to view Saint Andrew’s building debt as a burden and an obligation that might weight us down. But if we allow ourselves to focus only on the debt, it could actually hold us back and turn our focus inward. Instead, our debt represents an opportunity for our congregation; it is a monetary symbol of our hope for the future.

Our founding members embraced faith and opportunity and change when they started our church in 1958. Since our first “modernistic design sanctuary,” we have been a people of hope and generosity.  Most importantly, Christ has been our guide and constant companion in the journey. Today, he continues to invite our active participation as He transforms our lives and our community.

Thanks to your commitment and generosity, St. Andrew is a place where God is loved and worshiped, Jesus Christ is discovered and followed into service, and the Spirit of God freely moves among people to bless, encourage, and transform those whom God seeks.

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