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Allison Benson

Allison Benson, a lifelong resident of Iowa City, is a graduate of Iowa Mennonite School and has studied art with Lyudmilla Harte at the Harte School of Art.  She experiences the world through the autism spectrum, which enhances her artistic expression through keen observation, perspective, and patience.
  • An Italian Village Scene, December 2019.
  • The Navi River, inspired by the World of Pandora at Disney World, December 2018.

Myrna Farraj

Myrna Farraj is God’s child; John’s wife; Chuck, Tony, and Rima’s mom; and Jordan, Christian, Anders, Hans, Ezra, and Micah’s grandmother. Her career was spent being teacher and counselor to many children. What a great life’s blessing!

  • Job, 2018

Kaevion Heidger

Kaevion Heidger is a fourth-grader at Coralville Central. Among his favorite things: his dog, Lola; sports and sledding; fishing, hiking, and photographing nature with his Bumpa, Paul Heidger.

  • Purple Crocus, March 2020
  • White Snowdrops, March 2020

Paul Heidger

Paul Heidger is a retired University of Iowa professor and lover of nature who spends as much time outdoors as possible seeking out and capturing signs of spring after long Iowa winters!
  • Ringing in Spring—Iowa Bluebells, April 2020
  • Fiddling for Spring—Fiddlehead Fern, April 2020

Lily Hoffman

Lily Hoffman is 8 and loves creating things and exploring nature with her family.
  • The Boardwalk, July 2019
  • The Sunflower, 2017.

Nevaeh Hoffman

Nevaeh Hoffman is 13 and loves reading, writing, painting, sketching, and hanging with her friends.  
  • Heroes, April 6, 2020.
  • No Title, March 30, 2020.

Nichole Hoffman

Nichole Hoffman says she is lucky to be a mom of two sweet girls. Having moved around her entire life, photography is her means of capturing moments and places she has shared with loved ones and holding them close.
  • Chapel in the Sky, June 2006
  • Funny Face, February 2012

Annie Potter

Annie Potter made her first quilt when she was 22, and sewing quilts continues to be a favorite pastime. Instead of being stitched on the sewing machine, these quilt blocks are created from photographs taken of our vibrant St. Andrew Easter flowers.
  • Easter Wonder, Spring 2019
  • Spring Whimsy, Spring 2019   

David Weitzel

David Weitzel has been a member of St. Andrew for five years, coming to Iowa City from Illinois to join his brother Matt. He enjoys travel, doing puzzles, coloring, and trying different kinds of art. He colored this polar bear because it reminds him of his Grandpa D.L., who always liked polar bears, had a favorite stuffed one named Cuddles, and gave stuffed polar bears as gifts to treasure. 
  • Polar Bear, 2020

Philip Weitzel

Philip Weitzel enjoys living with his parents, Rich and Rose, and his twin brother, David.  For fun, he likes to color flower and Scooby Doo pictures.  Yellow is his favorite color.  He likes to bowl and take walks in his neighborhood.  
  • Flower Page, 2020

Access & Inclusive Mission

The focus of AIM is to increase disability awareness and inclusion for those with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges; encouraging our religious and civic communities to be welcoming places for all!

“Central to our well-being is our need to belong, to have a place where we are accepted, embraced and valued for who we are. Within the Body of Christ there are no exclusionary clauses for disability or any form of judgment that says you aren’t needed or wanted here. The gift of belonging to the Body of Christ, the communion of faith, is not ours to give, it is Christ’s and Christ’s alone. Belonging is made complete when gifts are shared, accepted, and cherished. Belonging is a shared experience at the table and in the community of faith where we, as the family of God, live and work as the Body of Christ. Within that body God enables us to value and cherish one another just as we are. May we do so to the glory of God. May we seek to enable every child, teen, or adult, disabled or not, to experience and know how vital each is to the body of Christ for together–we–are the heart of faith. To God be the Glory.” *

*Written by the Rev. Sue S. Montgomery, Disability Consultant, Presbyterians for Disability Concerns [PDC]; Presbyterian Health, Education, and Welfare Association [PHEWA]; Presbyterian Church (USA)