From Aug. 27 to Sept. 11, 2022, St. Andrew's Access and Inclusion Mission (AIM) Ministry Team will host an annual All Abilities Celebration Art Exhibit in St. Andrew's Atrium. The theme for this year's exhibit is: 

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  - Psalm 138:14a

A photo galley of the submissions and biographies of the artists are listed below. For more information, contact Kathi Anderson ( or Nichole Hoffman (

2022 Exhibitors

Kathi Anderson has had this poster since ~1980! It hung in her bedroom at home and at college, and has been displayed in many, many Sunday school classrooms over the years. She has wanted to frame it for a long time, and this ALL Abilities Art Exhibit was the perfect opportunity! The rainbow of colors of the mat reminds her of how we are all fearfully and wonderfully made! Praise be to God!

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - 2022


Mateo Anderson did not get to attend art class this past year as a 5th grader at Weber Elementary because of a schedule conflict, but luckily one of the “Parables and a Project” events through St Andrew gave him a chance to create this tree using words that are special to him! Both art and language are challenging for him, but with guidance from “Mama Sue,” he put this together beautifully!

  • Mateo Tree - 2022


Mike Anderson: Our son Mateo and I enjoy frequent hiking and biking adventures together. I carry a simple iPhone with us and try to get nature photos sometimes. I like these three because they represent “photo metaphors” to me – instances when beauty was beaming against the odds. Perhaps reminders of the miracle that God equally sees beauty in us.

  • “Sunset over the landfill,” “Puddle in the parking lot,” & “Pretty weed” - 2022


Samantha Anderson loved her stained-glass art class as a senior at West High so much that she created these hands and heart. The hands represent Maine and Iowa. She has recently begun osteopathic school at DesMoines University, immersed in learning all about the human body and how it works. But of course, she already knows from growing up at St Andrew, that the “art of healthcare” is all about what’s in your heart!

  • Stained Glass Heart and Hands of Maine & Iowa - 2017


Allison Benson is a lifelong member of St Andrew, a graduate of Iowa Mennonite High School, studied during her teen years at The Harte School of Art, and loves to draw & create other types of art in her free time. She is employed part-time at The Pink Umbrella Bakery. She observes the world through the lens of autism. She’s been creating pencil drawings of animals for years, and this is her friend’s beloved poodle. Her other pencil drawing is celebrating the flow of nature and our ability to harvest the power of God’s creation.

  • Olivia – 2022, By the Flowing Water – 2022


Patricia Benson has been a member of St Andrew since 1996, is involved in music ministry & worship leading, served as a deacon & elder, & currently serves as clerk of session. She enjoys crafting but has had less time for these activities while raising a family, daughter Allison and twin sons Ryan & Jared. She grew up in Thomson, Illinois, holds a BSN degree from Marycrest College, a K-9 teaching certificate earned at Mt Mercy College, and an MA in education from the University of Iowa. She is currently “repurposing” (ie, retired), having been employed most recently at UIHC in the Child Health Specialty Clinics. Crewel embroidery & counted cross stitch:

  • Hemmed with Prayer, gift for my aunt & uncle  - Christmas, 1979
  • Pasture Patterns, farm scene for my parents – Christmas, 1981
  • You are Loved, gift made for our wedding attendants & family members, 1984


Jared Benson grew up at St Andrew, is a graduate of West High and the University of Iowa with a biochemistry degree. He is employed at IDT in Coralville. He enjoys the creative process, designing & crafting in a variety of artistic formats. Created in 2016, this piece was one of the featured art works chosen for display that year at Veridian Credit Union. Each member of the family is represented, parents, sister, twin boys & the beads represent each birthstone.

  • My Family, a metalwork creation - 2016

Leif Charis-Carlson, 11, has just started his final year at Longfellow Elementary and his first year at the Harte School of Art. Leif studies piano at Preucil School of Music and, when in the mood, he can be found performing magic tricks on Iowa City’s Pedestrian Mall. 
Demon Frog - 2022

L’Engle Charis-Carlson, 18, is a first-year Studio Arts and Visual Communications major at Luther College in Decorah. An ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA), L’Engle is a recent graduate of Iowa City public schools, the Harte School of Art, & Preucil School of Music. 

  • Romanesco - 2022

Lucy Charis-Carlson, 16, has begun her junior year at City High, where she is a member of the Art Club, the Table Top Games Club, and Symphony Orchestra. Lucy’s work is often on display locally with the Harte School of Art.

  • Untitled Printings - 2022


Susan Cook is a retired K-8 special education teacher, fan of family, friends, pets, travel, gardening, reading, photography, cooking and the outdoors.

  • Look to the Heavens – 2003, White Sands National Monument


Bryce D. Cox: I was raised in Mount Vernon, IA, and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in elementary education. I currently teach 6th grade science and social studies in Cedar Rapids, IA. I have a strong passion for teaching and love any chance I get to be creative in the classroom. It serves as a creative outlet for students – as it did for me when I was young. I believe that developing professional art portfolio over the years has strengthened my ability to teach effectively. I am thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had in my life and look forward to serving my students, helping them to become life-long learners.

  • It's a Wonderful Life, Fall 2018


David Duys submitted a pencil drawing, which was a gift to Kathy for Mother’s Day.

  • Amanda & Kathy - 2000


Paula Grady has been fascinated by the “Black Angel,” famous in the Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City for many years. She has taken a multitude of photographs and videos from all angles of this 8 ½ foot tall bronze statue, oxidized greenish-black patina, which dates back to the late 19th century. It was made by a Czech-American sculptor Mario Korbel and was placed in its current location in 1913, to memorialize the late husband and son of Teresa Feldevert. Paula plans to paint several more acrylic images on canvas for show locally this fall.

  • Black Angel 1, Black Angel 2, Black Angel 3, 2022


Paul Heidger: His favorite season, Spring, affords Paul many opportunities to combine his love for the great out-of-doors with photography, and to encourage four creative grandsons to explore nature.  He shares this blossom close-up from one of the hundreds of azalea bushes in full bloom at the Azalea Garden, National Arboretum, Washington, DC in April of this year.  

  • Spring is Pink - April, 2022, National Arboretum, Washington, DC

Paul Heidger, III: For both Paul and twin brother, Piers, 5th-graders at Coralville Elementary School, food is much more than a T-shirt slogan—and if creativity can be combined with the culinary, they are all for it!  Here they join brothers Kaevion and Rain in the annual feat of decorating their Easter cake with as many edibles as possible…art can be delicious!
  • Things Are Cooking! - Easter, 2022

Piers Heidger, with brother Kaevion: Piers frequently joins brothers Kaevion and Paul in dire computer combats, but enjoys time-out with them to create Lego constructs, with and without the directions, and to set up his own combat scenarios using these creations on the dining room table (between meals, that is!).  Here, the observer is left to decide which figure might gain the upper hand…
“Bronco” and “Brock” - Winter, 2022


Kaevion Heidger, a 7th-grader at Northwest Jr. High, and elder brother of Piers, Paul and Rain, enjoys outdoor adventures with his grandfather, brothers and fellow Boy Scouts in the world of canoe trips, camping, hiking, and closely observing and photographing nature. Here, nature burst upon him on Camp Cardinal Blvd., as he and Grampa drove toward a thunderstorm dissipating at sunset on the way home from Scouts.  He captured the fleeting image with a shot taken from the car window.

  • Sunset Volcano - August 3, 2022, Coralville

Rain Heidger, now a first-grader at Coralville Elementary, and youngest of the four Heidger brothers, thrives in his own land and sea of make-believe, inhabited by an amazing array of creatures, including his very favorite, mermaids.  He expresses his creativity through school and home art projects utilizing a wide variety of media, from clay, Play Dough, and colors, as well as free-hand pen and ink (as here).   

  • Mermaid - Spring 2022, kindergarten school art


Nevaeh Hoffman is sixteen and a Junior at West High. She’s been taking art classes since kindergarten. Her favorite mediums include painting, drawing, pyrography and calligraphy. She recently started instructing art classes at Big Picture Gallery and Studio. She’s also enjoyed teaching art during VBS here at SAPC. 

  • Home of The Three B’s: Butterflies, Buttons and Bees - Summer 2022


Nichole Hoffman is a hobbyist photographer who began taking pictures as a child.  Her love of capturing special moments and nature has continued throughout her life as a way of holding people and places close.

  • Spread Your Wings - 2020

Scott Hoffman continues to appreciate how each person's life and relationships are a "work in progress".  His partially finished bird house symbolizes how each of us are invited to continue working on our plan unfolding each day.                                                                             

  • Work in Progress – August 5, 2022

Cary Maassen discovered his love for metal smithing when I was a junior art education major at the University of Northern Iowa. My professor, Chunghi Choi, encouraged my creative side, while expecting the best from me. The pieces on display here were created during those college years. The “Blossom Bowl” was hand raised from a single sheet of sterling silver. The wooden base was hand carved from walnut. The silver “Aladdin’s Lamp” is a tea server created as an exercise in a non-traditional shape. It also features a carved handle and feet. My third piece is a wedding ring set currently being modeled by my beautiful wife!

  • Blossom Bowl, Aladdin’s Lamp, Wedding Ring Set – 19??


Marcia Murphy has published on the importance of faith in mental health in articles, essays, and works of creative nonfiction in professional psychiatric journals, anthologies, and newspapers. She also is the author of several books. Visit her website for more information: https://hopeforrecovery.come/.

  • A Small Handbook of Mental Health, August 1, 2022


Carly Norris has combined her love of art and Guatemala in these 2 pieces which she gifted to her mother. Carly enjoys working in different media. She has been to Guatemala four times.

  • Boom - 2022 and Peace - 2019

Cecilia Norris started knitting socks (under the guidance of Kristin Crouse) when her oldest daughter Aileen, left for college. The peace and contemplation that she was able to experience transformed into prayers for whoever would be wearing the socks.

  • Prayer Socks – 2014 - 2022


Pam Karp started her quilting journey in 2004.  She prefers bright, bold colors in intricate designs. Many of her quilts are inspired by nature- even her crabapple tree. Each quilt is a challenge, learning a new technique, or perfecting one.

  • Big Leaf Star – 2019, Carnival – 2020, Pandora's Dresden - 2021
  • There's One in Every Crowd – 2022, Bold Inspiration – 2022


Emily Rabe is 14 and entering 9th grade. Her personal style is all things Disney. She has been taking painting lessons from Maroger art studio for 3 years.

  • I see the light - 2022


Kate Rabe is 11 and entering 6th grade. She has been a lifelong fan of Lady and the Tramp and has been taking 2-3 weekly painting lessons from Maroger art studios for 4 years.

  • Lady - 2022


Emmitt Schmidt-Rundell loves to try different types of art.  He typically sketches things and colors them with markers. He has also done painting, clay and used recycled materials to create art projects.

  • Tree - August 2022
  • God loves All - August 2022


Erin Schmidt-Rundell is blessed with a way with words. She writes stories and poems, inspired by life and many personal experiences. With wisdom beyond her years, Erin is able to convey messages for people of different background. Her family couldn’t be prouder and know that she is going to Excel in life.          

  • Poetry by Erin - August 2022


Heidi Schmidt-Rundell has enjoyed doing art for leisure and class her whole life. She is currently working on illustrating a children’s book.  She enjoys using paint, markers, fabrics and photography.  She is inspired by many things such as Disney, her own ideas or something someone else asks her to try. Pandemic was made for her Humanities class her senior year in high school. The Untitled was by request of her sister.

  • Pandemic - May 2020
  • Untitled - May 2020
  • Mushu from “Mulan” - May 2020


Kaitlyn Schmidt-Rundell enjoys taking photography of nature.  She took this picture while on vacation this past summer. She also has done sketching with markers and paintings. She has an eye for natural beauty with nature and people’s beauty inside or out.

  • Blue Skies - June 2022


Trenton Schmidt-Rundell has always enjoyed Art. He considered majoring in art at one time. His art is more abstract style. This piece was shown for the ArtShare, a program by Veridian Credit union.  Trenton won a small scholarship for this piece.

  • Skyline - May 2018


Wes Schmidt-Rundell has had a love of sketching since a young child. He most often sketches dragons and skulls, but for his youngest sister’s birthday he drew the Elephant and colored it with markers. He also enjoys art on different canvases such as shoes and hats.

  • Elephant - June 2015


Jon Swearingen took these photographs on a trip to Yellowstone National Park, where he has traveled several times with his mother Sue and has spent many hours trying to get just the right shot. Sue’s house is full of his amazing images of both grand and delicate landscapes, and multitudes of wildlife, including bear, bison, eagles, wolves, and this osprey making its catch.

  • Grand Prismatic – August 2018
  • Lunch over the Firehole River – August 2018


Toni VanVoorhis: Rarely a day goes by without something in God’s beautiful creation capturing my attention and filling me with wonder – from the red drop of “blood” at the center of a delicate bloom of Queen Anne’s Lace to the brilliance of stark white trunks of leafless birch trees against the backdrop of blue mid-winter skies. Since moving to a newer, more open neighborhood last fall, I have been particularly taken with the incredible variation in cloud formations, particularly at daybreak and dusk. My sow submission highlights some of the many differing skies as photographed from the same vantage point, give or take a few feet!

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. Psalm 19:1

  • Same Vantage Point, Different Skies – 2021-2022


David Weitzel: I have been a member of St. Andrew for seven years.  I came to Iowa City after growing up in a northern suburb of Chicago. The inspiration for my painting is the garden of flowers we have around our home that feature flowers that I helped plant in memory of my loving grandparents.  My family's memory garden even has some special flowers that have been transplanted from our Illinois Weitzel farm such as our peonies, tiger lilies, day lilies, iris, and bluebells.  As I help care for them and watch them bloom into beautiful flowers. I remember special times with my grandparents and am thankful for my memories.

  • Memory Garden - 2022