All Abilities Art Gallery 2021

Although there have been innumerable challenges of the past year, St. Andrew also been blessed by how our virtual worship experiences have highlighted the many visual artists across our church family.

In further celebration of our congregation’s creative gifts and talents, St. Andrew's Access & Inclusive Mission (AIM) will hold an All Abilities Celebration Art Exhibit in the Atrium from June 10-27. Images of the submissions are available in the Online Gallery below. (Use the arrows on the slide of the images to go back or forward.)

This year’s exhibit also will be in conjunction with the All Abilities Celebration Service that will be held during St. Andrew’s regular worship time on Sunday June 13. The scriptural theme for the day will be from 1 Samuel 15:7: “For the LORD does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”

Please contact Marcia MurphyKathi Anderson, or the church office for more information.

2021 Participants

David Weitzel—The picture that David drew reminds him of the time when his brother Philip and sister Sara were at Universal Studios in Florida. They stood in line for Rocky and Bullwinkle autographs twenty-eight years ago.  


Philip Weitzel is David's twin brother—He likes to color with markers and pencils, walk, bowl, and watch the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Chicago Cubs.  


Toni Van Voorhis—feels God’s presence most while out in His creation. She may try photography with a “real” camera at some point. For now, she prefers her iPhone, as it’s always handy and her snaps are usually the result of happily stumbling upon something beautiful, interesting or both!


Allison Benson, 25—a lifelong member of St Andrew, experiences the world through the autism spectrum which enhances her artistic expression through keen observation, perspective, and patience. She describes herself as autistic, artistic, and an avid Disney fan! She enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music, cooking, traveling, and art.


Paul Heidger—a gardener and lover of daffodils who shares his passion for the great out-of-doors with four creative grandsons who are also sharing their work in art and photography in this exhibit. His photo contribution, taken following our big surprise snowstorm, April 17, 2020, is titled, “Spring Spoiler!


Paul Heidger, III—with his twin brother, Piers, is a third-grader at Coralville Central Elementary School. Bugs and science are more his thing, but he enjoys creative expression, especially when art becomes edible. “Monster Pancakes” for breakfast are a family favorite (Halloween, 2020).


Piers Heidger—is frequently found locked in dire, virtual computer combats with his twin, Paul, and older brother, Kaevion, but with time out to observe nature, and create with the encouragement of his art teacher at Coralville Central Elementary. His submission, from a recent school art class project, is titled “Sunflower.”


Kaevion Heidger—5th-grader, elder brother of Piers, Paul and Rain, enjoys the adventures that nature offers in canoe trips, camping, hiking and the opportunities the natural world offers for his interest in photography. His submission, a neighbor’s novel chain-saw sculpture he captured following the 2020 derecho, is entitled, “Peace to the World.”


Rain Heidger—pre-kindergartner, youngest of the four Heidger brothers, is not to be outdone by them in imagination, creative play, and competing for I-pad space on the couch. His artistic side is emerging early, with creative school and home art projects using Play Dough, and painting, using lots of color, as in his submission, “Bird with Eyebrows!”


Scott Hoffman—is an active dad who doesn't like to sit around. He has enjoyed living in special places around the world and has called Iowa City home for the past three years. 


Lily Hoffman—is 9 years old and just completed the 3rd grade. She loves spending time with her friends playing outside, riding bikes, scooters and playing with Barbies. She also enjoys gardening. Online art was challenging for her this year but she is proud of this piece from class.


Nichole Hoffman—is a stay-at-home mom and Social Worker. She loves nature, travel, exploring the world with her family and friends. Capturing things she sees along the way is how she freezes moments in time to hold close to her heart. 


Nevaeh Hoffman—is soon to be in the 10th grade at West High. She loves school, hanging with her friends, doing art and reading. She likes helping people.


Jan Taylor—Jan started making her own Christmas cards after a 1969 trip for which she created pen and ink drawings of cathedrals that they saw, with greetings in the languages of those countries. As she moved with her husband and three sons to Norway, Ohio, and Germany, other sketches were inspired.

Leif Charis-Carlson—is finishing 4th grade at Longfellow Elementary. His inspiration for this piece came because he wanted to make something weird. “I made this project at school because we were supposed to make ravens,” he said. “Other people made just ordinary ravens, but I made this one.”

Lucy Charis-Carlson—is finishing 9th grade at City High. This artwork is based on the famous painting “The Virgin Of Vladimir,” which, according to a highly unlikely legend, was originally painted by Luke the Evangelist. “Over the years many people have created their own version of this piece of art,” Lucy said. “So I decided to add my own.”

L’Engle Charis-Carlson—is finishing her junior year at City High. She enjoys art, music, reading, and annoying her younger siblings.  Since 2nd grade, she has participated in art lessons at the Harte School of Art (shameless plug). This piece represents how parts of a whole are completely different yet all interconnect.


Jeremy Penn—"Children are a gift from the Lord. Seek to see them as He sees them, even when they throw a tantrum!” Jeremy began taking photos as a child on a Kodak disc film camera. He has upgraded to a Sony alpha-series camera ad mostly photographs his growing family, including Eleanor (4), Isaac (8), Sara (age not disclosed), and Hedwig (dog). He works at the UI College of Education.


Emily E. Rabe, 12 years old—Emily has been entering seed art in the Iowa State Fair since 2016 (age 8). This piece is her 2019 fair entry. Each seed was hand selected based on color and texture.


Katherine G. Rabe, 10 years old—Kate is a 4th grader at Weber Elementary. She loves art and takes classes at Maroger Art Studio in Coralville. Marshmallow is a watercolor picture. Watercolors are her favorite medium for art.


Mateo Anderson—Singing the doxology from his crib as an infant was how Mateo let us know he was awake before he could talk! Music has always been central to his personality, but creating visual arts have been a challenge. He made this piece which we call “in my soul,” last year in 3rd grade at Weber Elementary before COVID sent everyone home. 


Samantha Anderson—This new college grad has always had a very creative mind. Stained glass was her favorite high school art class and although she has not taken any art in college, nor has she been back to Guatemala in a few years, this piece hangs in our home as a beautiful reminder that our children grow strong wings, then fly away to make the world a more beautiful place.