Purchasing more pew chairs

A huge thank you to the many members and friends of St. Andrew who donated so generously toward the purchase of 6 new single chairs and 31 new triple benches for the Sanctuary. Our seating capacity in the Sanctuary has now grown from 253 seats to 352. 

We are just shy of the $31,000 needed to cover the costs of the additional seating. If you would like to make a donation, you can send a check to the church office or donate online.

  • Mark and Mary Jo Abbot
  • Mike & Kathi Anderson
  • John & Patti Benson
  • Tim & Becky Benson
  • Don Burch & Carole Frazee
  • Jeff Charis-Carlson & Chris Charis-Donelson
  • Graham and Maggie Dameron
  • Dave & Sally Dierks
  • Danelle Essing
  • Mary Etre
  • Paul & Lois Etre
  • Myrna & John Farraj
  • Dan & Deb Fick
  • Twila Finkelstein
  • Scott Fisher & Pam Cone-Fisher
  • Sally Hartwig
  • Don Heineking
  • Gordon Hinz
  • Virginia & Angela Ibrahim-Olin
  • Phil & Pam Karp
  • Jean Koch
  • Ian & Laura Frey Law
  • Sue Luloff
  • Rob & Dō Martin
  • Linda Maurer
  • Dean & Evelyn Oakes
  • Russell & Laurie Owen
  • Rosemary & Bryce Plapp
  • Paul & Patt Penn
  • Lee & Glenda Rabe
  • Jason & Rebecca Schuchert
  • Eric Tyler
  • Gregs & Mettie Thomopulos
  • Joan Van Hulzen
  • Bruce & Dedi Walker
  • Kay L. Weiler
  • Skip & Pat Wells
  • Jenny Wilcox

Dedicating our New Chairs & Benches

adapted from a litany by the Mennonite Church of Canada


What is this place?  

Only a building, but when we gather here, God’s name is praised.  

What are these new chairs and benches?  

Only wood, pegs, and glue, but in this place they serve us as we praise God’s name.  

We dedicate these things to the proclaiming of God’s word,

     in Scripture and preaching, in poetry and song, in sharing and prayer.  

May we, too, be instruments that proclaim your word, O God, with our mouths and with our lives.  

We dedicate this furniture to support us as we engage with God’s word,

     as we meditate on a piece of music,

          as we contemplate a work of art,

               as we greet one another in compassion and grace. 

May we always seek to engage with your word, 

     O God, as we ask questions, exercise creativity, and wonder at your mysteries.  

As we sit, let us be reminded of the great cloud of witnesses that surround us. 

May we remember those who once worshipped with us in-person and in body

     and who now worship with us across time and space. 

We pray this dedication in the name of Jesus, the Christ, a tektōn (τέκτων), a builder and a craftsman —   

     who took simple things and helped us to see God.  

May we always be on the look-out for God’s presence in every place we go. Amen.