Online Church Directory

If you already are included in the St. Andrew's Instant Church Directory (aka "The Indirectory"), please take a moment to log in and double check that your contact information is up-to-date. (You can also make sure that your photo actually looks like you in 2022 rather than in 2017 or, in some cases, even 2012.) 

Online Directory

Your username will be whatever email address of yours already is included in the directory. (If you have forgotten your password, just use the "Forgot Password" option and check your email on how best to proceed.)

You can do the same by downloading the Instant Church Directory app to your iPhone or Android device.

Once you are logged into the Instant Church Directory (online or on your device), you can update the entries for you and your family.

  • You can upload a new photo directly. (The photos for the directory do not have to be taken in the church or a photo studio.)
  • You can change any of your contact information.
  • You can add an Anniversary or Birthday (if you want to share such information).
  • And you can correct any odd formatting for family members with different last names. (The software only recently was updated to make this process much, much, much easier.)

Any of the changes you make on your own will need to be approved by the church office (that's just the way the program is set up). But the church staff will try to approve all updates as soon as we can.

Download a PDF

You also can download a PDF of the directory by clicking here. That document is password-protected, and you can get the password by contacted the church office:

If you have never been included in the Instant Church Directory, contact the church office to have your email address be added to the directory so you can follow the other steps to update the information.

Click the respective links below for additional instructions on downloading the app and updated information on how to login.

Apple Device

Android Device