28:16 Stories

Over the past couple years you have heard your friends and neighbors at St. Andrew share a few words about ways they have experienced God in their lives, especially when unlooked-for or in a surprising environment. The Worship Planning team chose the title "28:16 Stories" based on Genesis 28:16, when Jacob awakes from his dream and exclaims "Surely God was in thei splace and I did not know it." This verse comes near the end of the wonderful story of Jacob's dream in which he as a vision and receives a promise from God - it's wonderful to read it in context. 

Most of us don't feel we've had visions or that God has come to us in a dream. But we've heard out friends share how they felt that very presence, and even a calling, through an experience on a mission trip, through the living example of a loved one, or the voice of a stranger. Listening to our sisters and brothers at St. Andrew share stories of how they have experienced God "in real life" helps us all remember our own experiences - and hopefully will help us all pay closer attention to how God is present in our daily lives. 

Do you have a story you would be willing to share with the rest of us on a Sunday morning during worship? Come talk to someone on the Worship Planning Team -
Pastor Kyle, Matthew Penning, Patti Benson, or Jeff Charis-Carlson. Or call the church office at 319/338.7523, and we will get you in touch with a member from that team. 

Below are links to some of the 28:16 Stories we have heard in worship.

Ian Law

Frank Canady (contact office for hard copy)

Anne Dierking

(2018 Eulogy for Anne Dierking)

Kathi Anderson

Gatwech Miak