Celebrating St. Andrew's

High school Graduates

Congratulations are in order!

The following members of the St. Andrew family are celebrating their graduation from high school: 

  • Rylie Baldes
  • Ryann Culver
  • Charlie Duffy
  • Annabel Hendrickson
  • Kaitlin Lamkins
  • Carly Norris
  • Margaret Penning
  • Christopher Pigge
  • McKenna Proud
  • Heidi Schmidt-Rundell
  • Jordan Sekafetz
  • Grayson Tyler
  • Sydney Wildes

Scroll through the gallery below to view each graduate's senior portrait as well as a description of their high school life and post-graduation plans.

Please keep all our graduates in your prayers.

Randy Hausler

Director of Youth Ministries

June 1, 2021