Come to the Table Retreat

Feb. 24, 2024 | St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

On Feb. 24, Flipping Tables, St. Andrew's Young Adult Ministry, is partnering with the Men's Bible Study Group to offering a new type of church retreat.

Retreat-goers will choose between multiple sessions featuring relevant topics lead by dynamic members of our church community. Scroll below for more information about the sessions and the facilitators.

Child-care provided, hope to see you there! All are welcome!

-- Matt Moore, St. Andrew's Director of Student Ministries.


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Abortion & the church

with Mary Hausler

In this session, Dr. Mary Hausler will cover the history of the broader Church’s relationship with abortions as well as the possible future partnership between the two. Participants will dive into the scripture used in supporting arguments on all sides of the topic. Additionally, we will discover what the current and past research shows regarding all things abortion. Controversial? Maybe. Educational? Definitely.

Destruction or Deconstruction

with Matt Moore

What is the trend of Deconstruction all about? Does it seek to get back to an original understanding of the bible? Does it seek to undermine our faith? Let’s open up the bible and seek to understand what a contextual reading and understanding of scripture actually means.

Church Tinder


My church is PERFECT! …but… How finding the right church is kind of like dating…and what happens when the honeymoon phase wears off. How we can come together as the one body of Christ even when we disagree with each other or our church.

through cooking
with Marissa Moore

“The heart of hospitality is about creating space for someone to feel seen and heard and loved. It's about declaring your table a safe zone, a place of warmth and nourishment.” ― Shauna Niequist. In this session we will not only discuss God’s vision for hospitality in our world, but also create a three course meal throughout the process. We will share stories, recipes, and serve lunch to our fellow retreat goers.

Science/God. Oh no

...They do go Together!

with Caleb Dewitt

Diametrically Opposed or a Harmonious Pair? A thoughtful exploration of the Church’s historical opposition to science and the perspective that maybe we haven’t always had it right. Come with an open heart and mind to find a new way of thinking about science and the Church.

Retreat Schedule

8 a.m.: Breakfast (prepared by the Men's Bible Study Group)


8:30 a.m.: Opening introduction

9 a.m.: Session 1 (choose from among the five sessions above)

10 a.m.: Session 2

11 a.m.: Session 3

Noon: Lunch

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Presenters & Organizers

Thank you to all the Presenters and Organizers who are helping to make this year's Come to the Table Retreat a reality. Scroll below for more information about the Session organizers.

  • Lauren Dengler

    Lauren Dengler is a pediatric nurse at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Lauren is from Iowa City and grew up attending First Presbyterian Church. She is passionate about what makes church tick and how the church can best serve its community.

  • Caleb Dewitt

    Caleb Dewitt is a PhD chemistry student at the University of Iowa. He completed his undergraduate degree at Truman State University and moved to Iowa City in 2021. Caleb spends his time experimenting with lasers, documenting his findings, and sleeping.

  • Mary Hausler

    Dr. Mary Hausler is a physical therapist at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics specializing in pelvic floor physical therapy. She completed her undergraduate degree at Drake University and her doctorate at the University of Iowa. Mary is from Iowa City and grew up attending St Andrew.

  • Marissa Moore

    Marissa Moore is a high school English teacher at Clear Creek Amana High School. Marissa is passionate about what makes a space warm and inviting. She believes in the power of hospitality and the joy that comes from spending time around a table. Marissa is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan.

  • Matt Moore

    Matt Moore is the Director of Student Ministry at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. He facilitates weekly bible study, activities, and events, for junior and senior high students, along with young adults. Matt is from Iowa City and enjoys basketball, video games, and reading in his free time.