'A Neighbor Just Like You': 

The Music & Message of Fred Rogers

In 2018, an award-winning documentary and a best-selling biography reminded the world that there was once a television personality who embodied the lessons of neighborliness, empathy, and compassion. Fred "Mister" Rogers (1928-2003) was more than just the man in the cardigan sweater who made a daily television visit to millions of households across the country. He was also a skilled musician, a student of cutting-edge child development research, an ordained Presbyterian minister, and a philosopher of childlike, simplistic wonder.

During the week after Easter 2019, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church invites the Eastern Iowa area to a series of events examining the life and legacy of Fred Rogers. Through film, through song, and through in-depth conversation, we will explore how Fred Rogers answered the basic biblical question, "Who is my neighbor?"

Together we will trace how that question gets answered in Iowa City as well as in Mr. Roger's real-life neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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three events: April 25, 26, & 27

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