Small Groups at St. Andrew

Many members and friends of St. Andrew have discovered a renewed sense that small groups are a great place to "live in Christ's love" and experience shared discipleship. They are discovering belonging and growth because they participate in a small group. Perhaps you may have wanted to try a small group.

We are working to make it easier for new people to participate in small groups. Small groups meet on a trimester schedule called GroupMesters: A Trimester in the Life of a St. Andrew Small Group. In many areas of our lives we grow when we take advantage of a rhythm of "stress" and "rest". In a similar way you can commit to trying a small group for a trimester of shared discipleship for
about 9 or 10 weeks.

Many of our groups have used online video-based small group studies from RightNow Media. Recent titles that groups have studied include "The Good Book" with Kyle Idleman and Deron Spoo and "Simplify: Unclutter Your Soul" with Bill Hybels. Other groups have studied books by authors such as C.S. Lewis, and still others have studied books of the Bible. Finally, our Prayer Team has sustained our church with active prayer.

For more information contact Pastor Kyle.