Men's retreat

The Men's Ministries @ St. Andrew are offering a weekend retreats

for encouraging fellowship, community,  and spiritual growth

in the broader Johnson County area. 

Exploring Our Pilgrimage: Men's Retreat, with the Rev. Tom Wolthuis

March 7, 2020

The image of life as a walk is a common religious picture. “Exodus” means the “the way out.” It is still the word on exit sides on Greek highways. Early Christians were called the “followers of the Way.” Even the Chinese religion Daoism means “the Way.” 

The way connotes a journey and a goal. This is the image also behind the old idea of “pilgrimage.” A pilgrim is one on a religious journey. We will explore and experience a pilgrimage in the Men’s Retreat. We will orient ourselves first by journeying around Jerusalem using Psalm 48. Then we will join Abraham on his pilgrimage of faith from calling, through compromise and conflicts, into covenant life.

  • Opening Session 1: Psalm 48 Walking around Jerusalem
  • Session 2: Genesis 12 Calling: Promise and Compromise in Egypt
  • Session 3: Genesis 13-14 Conflicts in the Land
  • Session 4: Genesis 15-17 Covenants with God
  • Session 5: Genesis 18-19 Consequences for Living
  • Session 6: Genesis 21-22 Culmination: Walking to Jerusalem

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