The Session is the governing body of the church. It consists of Ruling Elders (lay leaders) and Teaching Elders (pastors). This page includes information about who sits on the St. Andrew Session, the minutes from the Session meetings, and other supporting documents and information. Questions? Contact Ann Ford, Clerk of Session, at or Jeff Charis-Carlson at

St. Andrew's Session generally meets at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of every month. The scheduled meeting dates for 2019 include: January 17, February 21, March 28, May 16, June 13, July 18, August 22, September 19, October 17, November 21, and December 19.

Mission Planning Team Report: Click here to download a copy of the Mission Planning Team's report.

Current Session Roster

Class of 2019

Mark Beerends

Kathy Duys

Ann Ford

Cecilia Norris

William Sparks (youth)

Bruce Walker

Class of 2020

Tim Benson

Jeff Charis-Carlson

Dave DeGroot

Myrna Farraj

Bethany Lagani

Class of 2021
Sarah Brakke

Margaret Heidger

Beth Anne Pigge

Joseph Whitney

Douglas Wildes

Clerk of Session

Ann Ford


Rev. Dr. Daniel (Danie) deBeer, Interim Senior Pastor

Rev. Kyle Otterbein, Associate Pastor